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The Farmer and the Clown

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about the book

farmer and the clown


While a tall, hard-working farmer is in his fields, a circus train passes in the distance. The train hits a bump and something flies off the back.

As the farmer investigates, he soon realizes he has an unexpected visitor: a young clown! The clown pantomimes falling off the train with such exuberance that the farmer is taken aback. How will the energetic, smiling clown and the old, reserved farmer get along until the train comes back—if it comes back…?

In the farm house, the pair eyes each other. Then they share a meal and wash up before bed.

What’s that!? The clown isn’t smiling anymore, he’s frowning! What lengths will the farmer go to for his young visitor to smile again?

teachingbooks-bookabout the author/illustrator

Marla Frazee


Born in Los Angeles, California, Marla Frazee now lives in Pasadena with her husband, three rambunctious boys, and Rocket the dog. Her days are filled with piles of laundry, bassoon lessons, ringing telephones, and noisy neighborhood kids!

Whenever she has time, Marla retreats to her studio, a little one-room cottage nestled under a tree in her backyard. There she writes and illustrates children’s books—a job she has always wanted to do.

As a youngster, Marla crayoned her own stories, haphazardly stapling them into books. She considered becoming an archaeologist but her school vocational testing said she should become a poultry farmer! Instead she studied illustration at the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena.

Marla graduated from college on Friday and started working in the animation department at Disney on Monday! Six weeks later she quit (she didn’t like punching a time clock) and started doing freelance illustrations.

It took ten years for Marla to get her first book published and another five for book number two. Besides writing and illustrating, this Caldecott Honor winner has been teaching children’s book illustration at her old college for twenty years!

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