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Almost Super (Super, Book 1)

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about the book

almost superThe Bailey family is different. Not a little different. They are a lot different.

All Baileys have powers! Each receives their ability after their twelfth birthday on Leap Day at exactly 4.23 p.m. Rafter (age 13) wants super strength just like his Grandpa, and his brother Benny (age 12) hopes to be speedy. But there are lots of other great super powers. Cousin Jack can spray water from his hands, Great Aunt Silva Matilda burps fire, and Dad can fly.

Nobody knows why the family receives these powers at exactly this time. They just accept the responsibility as the defenders of everything good and right. After all, they are up against the “vile, evil, dirty rotten Johnsons,” and the two families have been deadlocked in a feud for decades.

But when 4:23 rolls around, both Benny and Rafter’s special abilities turn out to be duds. Benny’s power is the ability to turn his innie bellybutton into an outie, and Rafter can now safely light matches using polyester! How can Rafter face Juanita Johnson the next time he sees her in class? She’ll have gotten her super power, too!

When Rafter and Benny try to take Juanita on, it turns out her power is wimpy, too. She’s a super flusher that can unclog any toilet! When the three kids sit down and talk, the boys learn the Johnson family believed all along that they were the good guys and the Bailey’s were evil! Everything they thought they knew about being a super hero is all wrong!

Obviously someone is manipulating both families. While the grown-ups are still locked into their feud, the kids must put aside their differences and take care of business. But it won’t be easy. There’s a super nasty bad guy out there ready to squish all three kids. Can they outsmart the right villain…and figure out what true heroism really entails?


about the author

marion jensenMarion Jensen is a mild-mannered instructional designer at American Express during the day and a super humorous book writer at night. He sometimes switches into his alter ego and writes as Matthew Buckley. He admits it’s a Jekyll-and-Hyde sort of thing and very confusing!

For ten years, Marion tried NOT TO WRITE! It was such a painful and lonely process, and he was convinced he was the world’s worst writer. When he shared his pages with others, they laughed so hard they cried. (That’s a good thing, right?) Since Marion was having such a hard time at it, it was a good thing that alter ego Matthew Buckley was able to get two books published. Check out Chickens in the Headlights and Bullies in the Headlights.

Then about four years ago, an idea just slide into Marion’s brain, sort of like channeling. The idea refused to budge and demanded his attention. He paced for hours and by morning, he had the names, super powers, and the plot to a teen superhero novel! When he started writing, each chapter just unfolded—magically! He couldn’t wait to see where the story took him. Four long years later, Almost Super was published.

Besides working full time during the day and writing books after dark, Marion is also a doctoral student at Utah State University, where he studies social media. A real techie, he regularly tweets and posts hilarious articles on the web.

Marion lives in Farmington, Utah, just two miles from the Great Salt Lake and three miles from a huge national forest. Hard to believe he stays indoors and ignores all that beautiful nature just so he can write books people laugh at!

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Also by Marion Jensen:
Searching for Super (Super, Book 2). Harper Collins. 2015.


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